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Romanian way from Baia Mare

Upon landing in Romania 4 months ago, the people I met at first only spoke to me about how difficult motorways are in Romania. Although I had already had experience in going from Cluj Napoca to Baia Mare, I had not paid as much attention to the way.

A while later, I leave Baia Mare and head to Oradea. In Romania, everything seems very close but when you put on a scale the number of kilometres travelled and the time it takes, everything changes. The roads are usually mountainous and with many curves, and towns must also be crossed to get from one place to another, so it takes more time to get to a destination. However for me, everything is very close, a trip of fewer than 3 hours is close.

The views they have along the way are very nice and I love having to travel in the mountains and with curves in which you see the countryside, the towns, and the view is more natural, unlike those great highways where everything it's flat and boring.

I must confess that Romania reminds me and makes me feel that I am in Venezuela in some aspects, and travelling within it by car is one of them, the views and mountains are similar, wide fields and flowers that make you appreciate nature. It is also true that the Romanian roads are in much better condition than those of Venezuela, but the views are as impressive as those of my country.

Finally reaching the destination and getting to know Oradea was interesting. In general, I do not like to go with expectations to any place so I investigate just enough to surprise myself with what I will find, in this way you are almost always surprised in a good way.

Oradea was not the exception, a city with a lot to know and see, among the most interesting you can find in the city centre and its architecture.

At some point the great cities of Romania and its great squares have a similarity, it is not the architecture but the dimensions and a little its distribution, I do not know everything but the cities have that characteristic point that constantly reminds you that you are in Romania, always in a good sense.

After passing through Oradea, visiting Arad was even more. Although it was a quick stop without many visits, I was able to see around the city and a bit downtown. The experience was based on beach volley training, although I did not train, I had the experience of living and talking with people who are interested in learning more about other countries and especially about my culture. They care about the opinion of others and know how I see the Romanians, however for me they are from the best cultures that I have known, simple and kind are my words to describe this country and its people.

Romania has a lot to show and to offer and it is nice to have the opportunity to learn and know.

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