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School experience so far

The project that I have been volunteering has different kind of positive aspects. We create workshops, sport events, meet different people. One of these positive aspects is going to schools and making sport activities there. As we were told that we would go to schools, we were so glad. Therefore, we would have new experience.

My school experience started to go to Barițiu school. It was the first time that I was doing sport activity at school. Pupils were so young and they were so enthusiastic to sport. As a team we were going on every Wednesday and making some activities.

Then we had” volunteer swap” program. In this program we went to other city called Miercurea Ciuc. While being in Miercurea Ciuc we also went to school and made some activities. The thing that I most liked was sending some fruits and cookies to village school by Education Ministry. Even though there were not many pupils at the village schools, but we had great times there and enjoyed a lot and tried to make different activities for pupils.

After coming back from Miercurea Ciuc new adventure started for me. We liked to go to schools and decided to go to other ones which are located in our city and in a village. The school ”Ep. Dr. Alexandru Rusu” is a private school. We were welcomed so warmly by the school staff and pupils. Pupils are so energetic. At the first time after 1 hour the voice of pupils made us so tired. Because we had not used to so many voices. Considering us member of their staff must be appreciated. Welcoming kindly and warmly made us happy to work there.

Another school that we gain experience was Șurdești village school. It is 1 hour far away from our city. At the first time it was hard for us. We did some activities in 2 classes, then walked to other village almost 30-40 minutes. After coming home from last class we were like a dead people and slept till 17:00.

However, school experience taught me a lot of things. For example, organizing activities with children that are 7-8 old years old, behaving with them with more patience etc. I am very thankful to our organization for making such an awesome opportunity to get nice experience.

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