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SENTA meeting

Soon after my arrival I had the chance to participate in a transnational meeting for an international sport project, SENTA. The project’s full name is “Athletes becoming social entrepreneurs! Developing a gamification based social entrepreneurship training programme for athletes”. The project took place on 7-8 October 2019, within UCAM’s premises.

The idea behind the project is to contribute to the recommended policy actions regarding the dual career of elite athletes. Not only that it wants to provide opportunities for athletes at the end of their sport careers – known as dual career programmes – but it also aims at bringing innovative approaches to social entrepreneurship transferred to the elite athletes.

My role in the project was rather simple: taking photos of the meeting. I have to say that this type of photography is not one of my favourites as the people are rather static, listening to the speakers. The space didn’t allow me a lot of movement without disturbing the audience so I set my ‘base’ in a corner and started ‘hunting’ for good shots.

Of course the typical photos of people talking or presenting something was the first thing I took and of the audience. Rather standard shots I might say. Yet I wanted t go more and started going for portraits. It was rather difficult as most of the times only the participants’ profile was visible, yet that was the most challenging part: following the actions, reactions, movements. As having experience from the sport photography to be patient and follow carefully a subject I managed to do this quite well given the corner where I was in.

The photo experience was nice in the end and combined with the information I heard along I can say that it was a fruitful meeting for me. I am interested in hearing further the results about the dual careers programmes as in Romania these types of actions are still at the beginning of the path. So it seems my time this year in UCAM is perfectly synchronized.

More projects are to come, more information I’m to get!

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