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Spain, here I come

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

In one week I am going to leave my country and go to Spain for no less than one year. I liked to volunteer in Romania, but I felt like I needed a new challenge so here I am now, getting ready for this great opportunity.

I usually get very enthusiastic about everything, but this time I try to be more like a down-to-earth person so disappointment cannot appear. We and the Spanish people have a lot of things in common so I do not think that the adjustment process will take too much time because we are passionate, energetic, hot-blooded and I do not really feel that there are many differences between us.

I see this project as a personal challenge to some points of view like living abroad for so much time, working with foreigners all day long, switching all my activities from Romanian to English and Spanish, but I am ready for it. I am going to take up the challenge and make it awesome!

I have always stayed active (even played basketball and volleyball in high school), so the idea of being part of the sports department sounds appealing. Moreover, being on the other side of the table is going to be really interesting because I have always been curious about how big sport events are actually being organized.

Another part which impresses me about this volunteering project is related to the promotion of a healthy lifestyle. I find this amazing because nowadays we do not really pay too much attention to what we eat, or to how much we exercise or to our water intake so it really is important to be enrolled in this kind of activities which lead you to a healthier life. This is why the fact that I am going to have at least a small impact on other human beings is fascinating and it makes me be even more focused on doing things right and on not thinking about the difficulties which might occur.

This experience is going to change me in a very positive way, I can already feel it! I am extremely curious about my future evolution during this program, but I can tell that I will come out as a better person. I will write down all the stages of this journey and I am sure that my experiences will be a funny and interesting read after this project is finished.

As I said, I have only one week left here in Romania so I am going to take advantage of it to learn more greeting phrases and grammar and listen to more Latin music.

Andale, let the fiesta begin!

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