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Sport and volleyball vocabulary

I’ve been following a lot lately different presentations and materials about the Olympic Games’ sports and volleyball terms. We all know them in our mother tongue, but I always had certain difficulties to identify the sport events or volleyball terms from my language with the ones in English.

This information has been really useful for me and since I did a bit of research, I’d like to share with you 9 games that I’ve created based on sport vocabulary such as types of sports or equipment, and volleyball terms like positions, actions or equipment. There are 4 “cross-words”, 4 “find the words” and 1 board game.

The materials are very useful for the work with the younger generations that are just starting to discover the world of sports, however it is always nice to play games, regardless the age. At the end of the materials you can also find the answer keys.

Feel free to download the materials for free here:

I’d love to hear your opinion if you found them useful or if you have any other ideas to improve them.

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