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Sports, Culture and funny quarantine at home

In moments of crisis, the best ideas arise. Sometimes we do not know how creative we can be, until we get the free time to do it.

Now with the quarantine it is important not to decline, both free time and be at home discourages us that it’s why it is ideal to create a daily activity that includes basic activities to perform. The first being one of the most important as waking up and having breakfast that we must fulfill, or at least try, then we should divide the hours of the day into the activities that must be fulfilled; the most common ones are to exercise, watch movies, study or work.

Activities like exercising are the most important ones; it is always much better when you have company and encourage each other. This sporting activity can be yoga, dancing, functional exercises, or simply jumping rope. The activity depends on each personality. Personally, I like adrenaline and speed, so I do more daily exercises with the ‘Nike Training’ app, which makes it easier for me to do intense or light daily routines according to the taste of each person.

Then investing hours in work or study is important, allow us that all the time we have at home to be productive or to we learn something new that will give us knowledge in the future.

If you are a case in which you do not know what to study, I’m recommending those free online courses, if you like technology Google offers many about this such as marketing, SEO, etc. There is also the possibility that you would learn a new language, so Duolingo app teaches you different languages ​​free of charge, in a dynamic and fun way.

Meal times are very important, now that you have more time you can invest in doing online cooking courses or simply experiment in trying to learn new recipes. Particularly I do not like to cook, however I eat healthy and better so it motivates me to do better meals and since I have the time to do it, there are no excuses.

On the other hand, if you like culture, different museums have opened their doors - online of course - you just have to look for the website of the museum of which you have always sounded a visit and will show you a visit to all the corridors and works of art that they have: Louvre from Paris, MoMa of New York or Prado in Madrid have this online view option.

Finally the most common option of all is to watch a movie that you can choose from the famous classic movies to the latest nominations to the Oscars. If you would like to commit to it you can choose a series and see it until you finish it.

The important thing of this moment is to make our free time an invested time in our well-being, education, creativity, or simply in investing it in something that leads us to be a better person.

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