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Start for the new championship

Știința starts the new season in Craiova this weekend, on Saturday, from 17.00.

The team for Explorări this year is formed of: Dragoș Răileanu, Alexandru Dragomir, Sorin Dragomir, Robert Țuțea, Andrei Crișan, Andrei Butnaru, Ciprian Neamț, Rolland Balog (have played as well last season), Veniamin Aldea (centre, CSM București), Marius Iftime (hitter, CSM București), Csanad David (hitter, Hungary), Matt Callaway (centre, USA), Pylyp Harmash (libero, Ukraine), Mihnea Talpă (hitter, CSȘ 2 Baia Mare). Coaches: Marius Botea and Sorin Pop.

Text source: www.stiintaexplorari.ro

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