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Stiinta Explorari begins the tournament for 7-10th places at Campia Turzii

Saturday, March 7th, phase II of the A1 Division of Men's Volleyball Championship begins. After the regular season ended, the ten teams were divided into two value groups 1-6 and 7-10.

Stiinta Explorari will continue to play in the tournament for 7-10 places to meet, from 17.00, the CSM Campia Turzii team. The match should have been held in Baia Mare, but the polyvalent gym is busy during this period with extra-sports manifestations dedicated to March 8th. The meeting will be led by Daniel Hadade and Ioan Buciu (Zalau). Petrica Stancu (Brasov) will be an observer from the Romanian Volleyball Federation.

In the direct games played during the regular season, Baia Mare imposed itself each time (3-2 away, and 3-0 at home).

In the other match from the first stage of group 7-10, CS Universitatea Cluj-Napoca will play at home with CS UV Timisoara.

Group 7-10 ranking: 7. Universitatea Cluj 22 p, 8. Stiinta Explorari 14 p, 9. CSM Campia Turzii 4 p, 10. CS UV Timisoara 4 p.

text source: www.stiintaexplorari.ro

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