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Street Delivery - Inspirational festival

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

Street Delivery was one of my favorite events so far, there was music, poetry, artistic montages and many forms of entertainment. This is the perfect event for those who love words, but also for anyone who is looking for a little bit of inspiration. The festival, that took place in the Dacia Park of Baia Mare, intended not only to deliver poetry, but also to provide a comfortable space for people to relax, enjoy and to feel at home. You could go to the garden with an hammock, or use one of the puffs to seat and breathe the fresh air, chilling out with friends, read a book, or even play with your dog, or other people’s dogs; or go around and play some of the didactic games, like the ones we also had in our stand, creating your own song by filling out the blank spaces of Portuguese songs, or taking up the challenge of writing a poem with five words related to volleyball.

All of this, surrounded by nature and with a great soundtrack, there was even a concert on Saturday. The environment was great, everybody was friendly, from the volunteers to the people who had their own stands, either to sell or to promote poetry, or just inviting you to play games, sing in the shower (true - there were shower curtains for people to sing behind, or just read poems), making GIFs, writing words on a pot to cook new poems, among others. One of my favorite creative places was a small table standing in the middle of the garden, with an old type writing machine on it, in front of a chair, just waiting for someone to sit down and write, and you could write whatever you wish.

The event was, in my opinion, a big invitation to creativity, imagination and inspiration. The best invite one can get. I witness creative ideas, found people with great imagination, and got inspired. In conclusion I can only say it’s a pity that this was just one event, and not a regular weekend.

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