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Tasting Murcia

The bars, pubs and restaurants are re-opening slowly here so I think this could be a great time to share with you some places around where you could eat, have tapas or drink well.

  • El Bosque Animado – cocktail and café; has a terrace as well, perfect for the chilling outside

  • La Colmena – a typical cerveceria (beer house) that also serves food

  • Fitzpatrick - Irish pub where obvious, you can find different types of beers; nice music and cool atmosphere

  • Café Ficciones – good prices, cosy atmosphere and vintage air

  • Itaca – vintage, cultural-artistic atmosphere

  • Baraltea – a quite interesting place with a mini library inside; very suitable for a silent ambient during the week with good music in the weekend

  • If it is to talk about the university square in Merced then Kiosko, Iberios, Maraña, La Playa de la Merced or Menos Cuarto are perfect places for tapas, drinks and meeting your friends.

Image source: Kiosko Universidad (Facebook)

Mentioning Spain, tapas are a must so Pepe el de los Jamones (mainly products based on jamon), Los Bocatas de Antonio or Las Tablas del Escribano are places you should not miss.

Too much beer around so let’s get to the food part a bit:

  • In Plaza de San Juan there are various eating places and perhaps they might be a bit expensive, but they have a lot of delicious typical cuisine of the area (sea food)

  • Pizzeria la Gondola – well, a pizza place with great food and relative low prices

  • The Good Burger – burgers and grilled varieties

  • Togo – recognised for its tapas of different kinds

  • CafeLab – café with a great varieties of coffees and pastry; perhaps a bit more expensive, but worth it

  • Madre de Dios, La Cocina Vives, Pura Vida, El Estomago Alegre – big portions, good food, happy clients

  • Meson de Jesus – might look fancy and perhaps a bit more pricy, but the food experience worth the shot

  • Veg & Roll, Vegan Queen, El jardin de los Dragones or Pistatxo – specific for vegetarian and vegan lovers

  • For the fans of Asian food – Sakurando and Restaurante Chino Wen Zhou

  • Mexican food – Mi Mejico

  • Confiteria Espinosa – different pastries of Spain and Murcia; resources point this place as the best in town

And I cannot omit the ice cream - Heladeia Sirvent Miralles or Llaollao (based on yoghurt products).

Image source: llaollaoweb.com

Moving a bit is a must after all this food so:

  • Revolver – my favourite dancing place for the old-new music mixture

  • Musik – situated inside the building of Plaza de Torros, it hosts concerts too and mostly plays rock’n’roll type of music

  • Republika – the music is quite diverse and the atmosphere inside is pretty crazy; in the weekends make sure you go there early if you want to fit inside

  • Woodstock – fans of rock music will find here heaven on Earth; try it out

  • Sala REM – a rehabilitated space specific for concerts and dancing, Sala R.E.M plays quite a lot of electronic music in the weekends

  • Parabap – if you are a fan of reggaeton music, here’s the place; it also seems to have the cheapest alcohol in all town

Image source: Sala Revolver (Facebook)

The list goes on for sure and even if it might not include fancy places, they sure worth to have a look at as the locals recommend them and they know it better.

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