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Thank you, Spain

Thank you for all the things you taught me.

Thank you for all the people I met.

Thank you for helping me grow.

Thank you for accepting me and making me feel like home.

Thank you for all the beautiful landscapes and astonishing villages and cities. Your mountains are precious!

Thank you for hosting me for one year!

It's true! I've been away from home for one year. What a marvellous experience! Even the quarantine had its purpose. I worked a lot on creating and editing materials. As a result of this, I improved my creative design skills. A lot of things happened, and I feel like I don't even know where to start.

However, I would go back to my first day in Murcia. The day when I met the landlord and his wife. I was feeling so nervous because I was in a new country without knowing the language.

Therefore, I tried to do my best to be understood. I wanted to start with that specific day because today I met them again. This time, they came to say goodbye. I still remember how patient they were and how calmly they explained to me where were all the shops, and where the city centre was, where to go for a movie or a drink. I was lucky to be their tenant. They treated me so well.

Then, the visit to UCAM. I was amazed: ''Is this going to be my workplace?''. My coordinator showed me around the campus, and I felt so happy for being part of it.

UCAM had witnessed my development, my evolution. I barely spoke Spanish when I first arrived, and now I can understand people who are talking fast, and I can express my ideas without difficulties.

Also, I was a bit shy and didn't like to initiate activities. This thing has changed, and now I am very proactive. I did many diverse activities, starting with sports promotion, healthy lifestyle promotion and ending with cultural events, spreading the Romanian joy.

I have learnt so much. For example, before coming here, I wasn't feeling very confident about living and accommodating to a new country. But here, in Spain, I learnt that I am a strong and confident person who can handle any situation. It wasn't only honey and milk, but I managed to adjust quite fast.

I have improved my active listening, and this has brought me only good and lovely friends. I made a lot of new friends from different parts of the globe. I wouldn’t have had the chance to meet them without this project.

I am so calm and patient after this experience. I have lowered my expectations and have learnt how to deal with diverse situations and people.

The end of this experience is just a new beginning for me. And I feel like I can move mountains. I am very motivated to return home and do activities for my community. I can make a change!

So, Romania, wait for me!

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