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The 0 km of my new journey

It is time to pack after the few days of struggling with this and saying goodbyes.

I didn't know what to expect and I haven't had the time to think about it. The only thing I knew was that I had my ticket and that I'm leaving that night. I still haven't set any expectations, desires or objectives. It's not like I like being surprised but lately I barely had time for myself. Leaving for 1 year brought along much more work than usually and all had to be done before so everything left in charge for others to be smooth.

I left for Cluj with my father. The road itself was a pre-loading of the places and images I will miss a lot - mountains, hills, forests. The nature is something I feel close to and I'm very fond of so seeing those places one more time for who knows how long was essential. And deeply absorbed.

The road itself was alright. Not too much traffic except the last part where we got closer to the city. I saw my sister and my brother-in-law and set to the airport. Pity I didn't have time to see Csabi and Mihai, former players from Stiinta, as initially wanted to, that would have been nice.

Got to the airport, I checked in, passed the control and here I was at the gate. I was still not fully realizing that I'm moving away for 1 year. It seemed like just another regular trip I took. Called my mom, called my dad, checked for some information about the arrival and transfer to make sure I have what I need, hopped on the plane and there I was gone.

My luggage came pretty fast. I grabbed it and rushed out of the airport to find the mother and her child that sat next to me in the plane. They had some transfer to southern cities and they could have taken me close to Murcia too. The other alternative would have been more complicated so this was perfect timing for me.

The driver left me at a Lidl close to the highway, yet quite inside the city. He insisted on waiting with me for my taxi as it was already quite late. I thanked him for the offer, yet told him not to let the other passengers wait as they still had some long road ahead. I was fine, tired as hell, but fine. After 10 minutes of just waiting for a car to be available I checked the map and so I was actually pretty close to my new house. I decided to walk dragging the luggage after me. I have to say this idea was terrible, yet with no cash left after paying for the transfer, was the best one.

I got to the tram line and saw people waiting at the station. With a half a smile as the other half was too tired to react, I bought a ticket and waited for the tram - the last one. In my right there was a group of 5 youngsters. At 00.00 they suddenly started to sign "happy birthday" and another one just took out of his bag a birthday hat. It was quite nice to see the Spanish ambient after a long way of travel. No idea how it went on as I had to get off at that station.

I arrived in Plaza Circular and started walking towards the given address. On my way Vio, the other volunteer I am to spent the following 12 months, came to meet me and took me to the exact point. Calle Poeta Vicente Medina, no. 10.

We chit-chat for a bit and said goodnight. I laid in my bed and felt the whole world stopped for a millisecond as I took a breath. I closed my eyes and the thing that crossed my mind before falling asleep was "I am in..."

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