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The city of arts and science

I’m back to Valencia! This time my visiting area will be the city of arts and science, a new headquarter of Valencian museums of all kinds.

This area is particularly known for the modern, futuristic architectural approach. What I like about it is rather the reflections the buildings take in the ponds nearby them. By dawn or night, the game of the colours reflects playful in the water creating a fairy tale alike view.

It was opened in 1998 with L’Hemisferic, while a big majority of the others only in 2005. The buildings inside the complex are:

  • L’Hemisferic – an IMAX cinema, planetarium and laserium; it has the shape of an eyes, as the eye of wisdom

  • Principe Felipe Museum of Sciences – interactive museum related to science, including human sequencing of DNA, space and gravity related or even Marvel superheroes.; it has the resemblance of a whale skeleton

  • L’Umbracle – an open structure enveloping a landscape walk with plant species particular for Valencia, that change the colour every season, along with the Walk of Sculptures

  • L’Oceanografic – open-air oceanographic park, the largest in Europe now’ built in the shape of a water lily

  • Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia – an opera-theatre house and arts performance centre, including panoramic view

  • Assut de l’Or Bridge – a bridge crossing the dry Turia riverbed; it is the highest point in the city

  • L’Agora – covered plaza for concerts. sport events, performances, exhibitions, conventions, congresses or any other kind of meetings demanding a large space

The inspiration to create such a place came in 1989 at the visit of The City of Science and Industry of Paris.

Despite the many controversies around its building, the complex is now quite a symbol of the city and not to forget that it brings revenue of up to 130 million euro every year, which is not so bad after all.

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