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The G day - saying goodbyes

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Quite an intensive day that was. Besides the typical struggle to finish as much as possible the work during the day, in the evening was planned a last round to the sport hall to introduce the new volunteers and saying goodbye for me.

I had a mixture of feelings going there for the last time for a big amount of time. I was perhaps realizing that the next day would be the day when I start a new journey. Yet, I realized that for a whole year I won't go to the matches here, stand behind the court with the camera in my hand, no more smiling and waving at the camera for me as I will be no longer there for a while, a while that lasts more than I have been absent so far from the matches of Stiinta Explorari, our volleyball team.

I watched the practice and started taking mental notes about the new team. I won't be needing those for a while but I couldn't help myself. Old habits die hard, right? It was enjoyable for me as I like seeing the team work together and create the bonds that are needed on the court. And eventually my thoughts were falling back to the reminder that I am leaving soon, way too soon.

Saying goodbye to some of the players that I was closer to was a bit difficult for me. Of course we keep the contact, but not seeing them at the Wednesday meetings anymore nor at the Saturday matches was the thought that made me feel empty for a while when I was thinking about that.

I will sure miss it but it's time to step forward for me to take. Good night, Baia Mare!

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