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The little thing you can cherish

I enjoy taking evening walks as the whole city seems to be different within the night lights. Everywhere seems more colourful as the lights seem more vibrant and Murcia makes no exception. Empty streets may seem deserted if you think about it, but then there it is, popping timidly at the end of the street, the light that makes the view bloom.

I’ve often passed this burger house during the day, yet not once did it strike my curiosity to look deeper. I still haven’t entered, but the light sign just outside definitely intrigued me.

I like playful things and if I can match photos with word games, it becomes even more interesting for me. So how about you “leave” your worries and discover further the city?

As a photo enthusiast I like playing with reflections. The view at nigh often gives a deeper perspective on the image by creating long-drawn lighted shadows.

The night makes some aspects have the tendency to pop-up and be more noticeable, despite the darkness surrounding them. The contrast of the lights and dark kindle the imagination to go wild. There’s a bit of mystery involved and the shadow games can only make it better.

Follow the narrow streets with sudden corners. Allow yourself to conquer once again the city you seemed to know before. Let the wind drag you to new old places.

I dare you now, take that walk in your city at night and try to discover the paths you’ve never consciously noticed before. Contemplate and cherish the little things that make the beauty spark.

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