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The meeting and the mining harbour town

The end of the month brought me a new place to discover in the region of Murcia: Cartagena. It’s not for the sake of travelling that I went there, but for another transnational meeting of a project UCAM implements in partnership.

The project was “Trainer 1.0 BETA” and its aim is to promote a positive behaviour among young athletes, by raising awareness regarding the need for preparing an “exit strategy” after the end of the sportive career. This is to happen by offering an opportunity for young athletes of 14-18 years old to have an innovative professional profile already at the beginning of their sport career. The project wants to create a set of courses for the young athletes through which to start learning the techniques of coaching from early stages of the sport career.

I was happy to join for taking again photos of the event. There were more people this time and my positioning was far better. Yet I was also excited for the fact that one of the modules created through the project is about volleyball. Reading through the course’s contains on diagonally I see that it goes from presenting the game such as types, rules, actions, techniques and tactics, up to the teaching methodology, team management and attributes that a coach should do. It is rather slim so you can easily go through it with the reading.

In the lunch break I had a couple of hours for myself so I started to walk around. Cartagena is an old establishment (3rd Century BC) due to its strategic position and the resources it offers: natural harbours, rich mineral mines, the Sierra de la Muela Mountains, beaches such as the famous Calblanque.

I’ve seen perhaps many of the important places from outside like the Roman Theater (more than 2000 years old), Palacio Consistoria or Calle Mayor, but I also strolled through paved streets up and down.

The day was really tiring but at the end I was happy with it. I am to go back and explore more the places, especially the nature around it.

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