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The mystical city of Brașov

Located in the region of Transylvania, Brașov is one of the largest cities in Romania and it is surrounded by the Carpathian Mountains. Many people consider this place one of the most beautiful cities in Romania, and some people say it has a mystical vibe. Maybe it’s the combination of the mountain and the variety of colorful places so close to each other; maybe it’s the weather as the city seems to have its own climate, usually a bit colder; maybe it’s the history, or maybe it’s just mystery.

Although Brașov is a big city with more than 250.000 people, you can still breathe clean air due to its surrounding nature, and you can also hear the birds singing very clearly and feel the fresh air while walking on the street. Brașov has this mystical atmosphere that makes any walk in the city enjoyable, even if it’s cold or raining, particularly in the old part of town where the mountain Tâmpa is widely visible. This dark mountain with the little letters BRAȘOV written on it, that captivates our attention right away, seems to be hunting the council square. This square, named “Piața Sfatului” it’s located in the old medieval part of town from where you can also visit the black church “Biserica Neagră”, also known as the biggest Gothic church in Transylvania.

What’s intriguing in the historical center is the contrast of the imposing mountain behind the piazza full of cheerful coffee houses and terraces all over the place. The piazza and all the connecting little streets, are so filled with life, small shops, food, bakeries smelling so good, that all these places together do not let you feel frighten by the mountain. Instead, it invites you to stay, to sit in the piazza and simply enjoy that unique view. Maybe because tourism hasn’t overwhelmed Brașov yet, in general, people welcome you “cu plăcere" (with pleasure), host you, talk to you, smile at you, and they are also curious about your home country, your life and your travel plans. The citizens of Brașov also seem to be proud of their city, and they are always willing to help, even if they do not know English they will find a way to help you.

Any trip to Romania will not be the same without a stopover in Brașov. And maybe it’s a good thing that we cannot fully understand the mystic of the city, as it is better not to uncover its mysteries and just enjoy it as it is.

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