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The Western Kingdom – Morocco

One of my points on the “to do list” for Spain was visiting this country, thing which obviously did not happen due to the travel restrictions and closed borders. Today is the day when I should have been already back to Spain after a trip to Morocco. Even so, I’d like to share the plan I did with a friend for those that need a source of inspiration for your visit there.

The trip in fact has a follow-up trip later on (initially planned for the end of this year or next spring) in which to visit the southern part of the country. So for now, let me tell you about my plans for the Northern part.


Arrival in Rabat due to the good flight connections from Madrid as well as the relative good hours of arrival, and from there taking the train to Casablanca. The visit in Casablanca include the Hassan II Mosque, The Arab League Park, the beach and the harbour, the old medina and the clock tower, the central marketplace, Sindibad Park, Sacre Coeur Cathedral, United Nation Plaza, Mohammed V Square or Royal Palace.

Image source: Malagatrips


Returning to Rabat, the capital of Morocco, yet this time for a full visit. On our list there is the old medina and the old market Hassan Tower and the Mausoleum, King’s Palace, Kasbah des Oudaias, the Andalusian Gardens, Chellah, the lighthouse and the coast.

Image source: Malagatrips


The Chouara Tannery (leather dying process) is one of the aspects that Fez is known for. However, as you are there it worth the visit the other parts such as the old medina, Quaraouiyine Mosque, seeing the Maranid Artistry at Medersa al-Attarine, Medersa Bou Inania, Borj Nord, Jnan Sbil gardens, the Jewish quarter and just enjoy the Moroccan way of living.

Image source: Malagatrips


Considered to be the Blue Pearl of Morocco, it worth the visit in the old medina, getting lost in the maze of streets, visit the market, the Kasbah museum, having the panoramic view from the Spanish mosque and enjoying the sunset between the Rif Mountains.

Image source: Wikipedia


Here’s the mix of North Africa, Spain, Portugal and France that you can feel at every corner. The visiting spots can include the Phoenician tombs, the old medina, Petit Socco, Grand Socco, Berber farmer market, St. Andrew’s Church, Teatro Cervantes, Sour al Maagazine, Café Hafa (panoramic view), the coast, Moulay Hafid 1 Palace, Villa Harris, Manipolio, or Place Faro.

Image source: Pixabay

I haven’t abandoned yet the idea of having this trip, yet we’ll have to wait and see when it will be possible.

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