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Time to share

Almost 8 months. I still do not believe that I am finishing my project. In my volunteering experience I had everything. Parties, fun, trips, excitement, struggles, problems. I did not give up like some volunteers. I came here to learn, to improve my abilities, to gain more experience in life. Now, it is time to share my experience with other people.

One of this sharing will be in my country by creating adorable event. Unfortunately, there were negative thoughts about Romania (communist country, country with full of gypsies, etc). However, volunteering here taught me Romania is not the country people think. There are some students from my country in Romania. They just study, visit some places and go back. As a matter of fact it sounds so simple.

When it comes to my case, I gained different experience in different fields namely sport, community, education, etc. Whatever I saw, whatever I experienced ruined every negative thought. As I was uploading some photos, videos from my experience, some trips, people who had negative minds started to ask how I got here, through which programme I was accepted.

I was born in Azerbaijan, I have been to many countries however Romania made me forget being far away from my country. It did not allow me to feel like a stranger. How? Through hospitality, kindness, making a warm and safe environment. It is not about only being and living in Baia Mare, I have also been to many cities in Romania, yet we were welcomed so warmly.

Volunteering in Romania taught to me a lot of new things and gave an opportunity to make new friends from different nationalities. Romania was the first European country I came to and got temporary residence permit. Baia Mare the city where we are living, in my opinion is one of the safest city you could live in. Prices are low, people are kind, the environment in the city is so safe, it has a nice nature, discounts for volunteers, etc.

If you are a sportsman or want to have an experience in a sport, you will never regret choosing a sport project in Baia Mare or in Romania. When it comes to my organization, volunteers could come across with some unexpected positive surprises. For example, we were not expecting a “Volunteer Swap” programme inside our project. That was thought by our creative coordinator and due to that programme we visited other cities and did some tasks in Miercurea Ciuc.

Volunteering in a safe environment in Romania, especially in Baia Mare, gave me that “Go back and remove negative thoughts about Romania” opportunity. Therefore, my article is named “Time to share” as I am planning to prepare a creative event about all my volunteering experiences in Romania, removing negative mindsets, motivating people to come to Romania and get them to see its huge, adorable, amusement, nature, hospitality, friendliness, etc.

Finishing the project in Romania does not mean that’s all, that everything is going to be the same like in the past. On the contrary, a new life is starting for me. I do not know exactly when, but I feel in the future I will come and contribute more to this country. For now it is time to share the adorable Romanian culture and traditions in my country.

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