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Tips for Volleyball Tryouts

When you go to a volleyball tryout, you have an opportunity to show your skills. It’s the time when you demonstrate that you deserve to be part of the team. It can be stressful because you have to think about a lot of things before and during a tryout, but let’s relax and focus on the most important aspects.

#Firstly, it’s essential to be positive. Your attitude matters. Nobody wants a negative person in their team.

#Be confident! Play and act as you belong there. A coach wants a confident player.

#Show up in good physical condition! Have a good rest the night before and show up at 100%. Being in a good shape will help you demonstrate your volleyball skills.

#Show that you are respectful and coachable! Listen to your coach! Follow their instructions, because when they give you a feedback, they do it for your improvement.

#Get there early! It will show your commitment.

#Volunteer! Raise your hand if the coach needs someone for a demonstration.

#Do your own warm-up before! You'll have a warm-up before the tryouts, but it's better to do your own before. Coaches notice the focused players who are getting prepared before.

#Be organized! Make sure you have everything you need (water, the proper equipment).

#Don't chat during tryouts! This is very disrespectful to coaches and fellow athletes.

#Don't get frustrated! Don't quit! It's perfectly normal to make one or two mistakes during tryouts. Maintain a positive attitude (#1) and show that you can overcome them and remain focused on the court.

You can also find these tips in a video at:


Never lose hope! Work hard and fight for your dream! You'll become part of a team at the right moment.

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