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Two stops in Maramureș

A tour of the entire Maramureș area is undoubtedly an important trip to learn about the culture and history in Romania, in which on many occasions it can be seen that despite the time, they continue with the same traditions.

Maramureș is a region in the northwest of Romania. Not many people know it but nevertheless it has many things to know. One of the most important cities in this region is Baia Mare, where the journey begins and where I have lived for about 5 months now.

Baia Mare is a small city but it is surrounded by lakes and mountainous landscapes. However, first of all, one of the most special places is in the Săpânța area, since here is “Cimitirul Vesel” – the Merry Cemetery -; this is a cemetery characteristic for the images, colours, and stories that are told on each tombstone.

It is called the happy cemetery because many of the phrases that are written are with a bit of irony and jokingly telling what the person who is buried there once did.

Outside the place you can see typical object from the area and from all over Romania. Most of the times there are objects that are continued to be used today such as clothing or household items such as rugs.

You can also get to taste the typical food from the area, among them "Plăcintă" which is a typical pastry filled in most of the times with cheese, really delicious, that is also accompanied by a sauce or sour cream.

In the same area of ​​Săpânța it is located the Săpânța-Peri Monastery, recognized for being the tallest wooden church in the world, with a height of 78 meters. The nowadays complex dates from the ‘90s, but it was built on the area of the 1766’s church, erected by the Greek-Catholic community. It is now an important place and worth visiting since the wooden structure is impressive at that height.

Maramureș has many places to visit that undoubtedly remain valid in time and in the Romanian culture. It is not only nature that represents Romania, but also religion and art.

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