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Two wheel or not to wheel

I like walking and wander around even without the music, which happens quite often, but sometimes I need to go a bit faster. Here I was in between decisions what “mean of transportation” would be better for me given the fact that Murcia is not big, but distances could be shortened in some cases. So I ended up facing a dilemma: scooter or bicycle?

I learned to ride the bicycle when I was 5-6 years old I think. It’s a fast way of going around, easy way for an outdoor relaxing “walk” and here quite helpful as they have special lanes for that.

The “pack and go” system convinced me together with the idea, perhaps totally wrong, that a scooter will help me do more physical exercise. I’ve been second hand checking stores around, checking online, trying to decide because you know, you always want the best for little money. And then I found it, the one. Yay! I am not a very patient person when I want something and I’m getting excited about it so the moment when I decided that I wanted it “now” followed immediately the easiest goodbye between my body and the chair to prepare to go out.

I hopped on the tram to go to the end of the city where the store was, entered the shop and went straight to the place. Well, OK, not that straight because I looked a bit for it, but my target was always on my mind. I am a mint chocolate ice cream fan so choosing the light green version seemed more than reasonable for me.

The last one! Of course I was the only one looking at it and no one around me for 2-3 aisle but well mission had to be accomplished smoothly. I grab it before anyone else could take my prrreeeecious, went to the cashier, paid for the new joy-toy and there it was, all mine.

Right outside the store I started checking and mounting it. Not much to mount though, just unfold it, attach the standing foot, plug in the handles and was good to go. But yet I had to check everything, including reading the instructions. Now don’t go crazy on me rolling your eyes around. This was the first time I ever owned a scooter, so please, a bit of understanding.

The plan was very daring: riding it back home. 10 tram stations, 4.6 km. Not that much I said to myself. I was lucky that the elevation level of the city was very much in my favour as I was advancing rather rapidly without having to do anything about it. In my defense for what comes next, it’s not an electric scooter, so I had to work for it.

All went fine for a quite big distance and then when reaching the flat zone I thought I’ll never get home. My physical condition was not at a high level obviously and so my plan had started to fail successfully. My face was getting all red, while my legs were somewhere between burning, being numb and trembling. Needless to say that when eventually I got home, I took the elevator, not the stairs. And then I crushed on the bed but with a big smile across my face.

And I’m still happy with the decision and since I managed to write this article I guess I’m still doing fine. My new friend will join me in many experiences yet to come.

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