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Valencia by night

Even if I had the chance to spend a week in Valencia some years ago whenever I have the possibility to stop here for a visit, I do it. I might have had just a couple of hours to use in between cars of getting back to Murcia but it was enough time to go through its fascinating old part, by night. The lights the city was decorated with made the walk even pleasant, along with the enough degrees to do so by night.

I wandered the streets up and down without any particular target in my mind to go to and that’s what I like most about visiting like this. I ended it up discovering little corners, small aspects I haven’t discovered before like this particular building. I eventually found out that it is quite famous so I’m happy to have stumbled across it. I present you a door of The Gonzalez Marti National Museum of Ceramics and Decorative Arts:

The old centre is full of building in different styles and ages: Plaza de Toros just outside the main train station, the city hall, The Cathedral and the Holy Grail, The Water Tribunal, the tower of the Iglesia de Santa Catalina, Mercado de Colon and walking in the neighbourhood of El Carmen are just few of the places I’ve reached in a 2-hour walk around.

Valencia worth the visit both in a greater tour of several days and bit by bit as I am doing every time I’m going up north as this is often a changing point for the means of transportation. I must say that you cannot get bored here as the attraction offer is huge even for the pickiest ones. Try it out and you won’t regret it!

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