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Throughout the entire month of May, the Romanian and Spanish speaking fans of volleyball had the chance to play Kahoot games to discover more about this sport.

What is a Kahoot game? Kahoot is a platform through which you can make educational quizzes with 2-4 answers, where users have a limited time to answer (in our case).

I’ve been researching quite intensively the information I could use for the games and I came up with 10 games and 9 topics, such as: the history of volleyball, the volleyball game, the rules, beach volleyball, the field and equipment, Paralympic volleyball, famous male volleyball athletes, famous female volleyball athletes and curiosities from this sport.

The game reached almost 17.000 Spanish speakers and a bit more than 9.100 Romanians, being played by 460 players in total.

I would say the games had a great success, people had fun and I definitely can say I learned a bit more about this amazing sport. I’m considering making the English version as well so, stay tuned

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