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Volleyball Tips for You

Do you want to improve your volleyball skills? Then, this series of tips is perfect for you. I did this activity for people who would be willing to become a better version of themselves.

'Volleyball tips' has six topics:

1. Tips for Beginners

2. Serving Tips

3. Spiking Tips

4. Setting Tips

5. Blocking Tips

6. Passing Tips

I have posted these flyers on Facebook and Instagram, and they got really appreciated. I was happy to see that they received around 372 interactions.

Tips are always helpful when growing. If you feel like being stuck, try to have a paramount view. Find the problem and search for its solution.

I hope these tips are going to help you become better and better day by day.

#EUvolleyballScience #EUsolidarityCorps #Viorela

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