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Volunteering movie day

For celebrating the national week of volunteering, a “volunteering movie day” was held to express what it is to be a volunteer and what it means for each of the participants, with the help of a movie.

On this occasion, "Patch Adams" was chosen, a classic from the films of the comedian Robin Williams, which in turn is a story based on real events. In it he recounts how a man with psychological disorders attends a help centre where he realizes that his vocation is to help other people, through medicine but especially through humour and the meaning of life.

After watching the film, in the round of conversation different conclusions were reached, taking into account the different points of view of each person. One of the main themes of the film is helping the other, in which we observe that by helping the other without any interest in between, we not only teach people but also people bring knowledge to our lives, perhaps touching feelings deeper.

Being a volunteer has an impact on society in general, not only because of the other person you help but also yourself. In the film the subject of death is intensely touched upon, as the end of it doesn't matter when the end day comes, but what you did to enjoy and improve your days of life. From medical knowledge you can help many people but how many you impact in their lives ...

Basically that is what moves many of the volunteers, the impact you can leave on other people, from different cultures, but also how is the impact of those people and the experience you have in the personal life of each volunteer.

"Connect" is a very important word both in the film and in the work of a volunteer, regardless of the subject you work on, the activity you do must be with intention.

The conclusion of the discussion after the film is that to a large extent being a volunteer is an opportunity to grow as a person and with knowledge, helping and also contributing to people who need it or simply doing a little work that for others can mean a lot. And that as Patch Adams says makes us “extremely happy”.

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