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What a small world

On an ordinary day, I wanted semolina so I went to Mercadona (Spanish store) to search for it. It wasn’t the first try in Spain, but the first time in that store. I went to the aisle where I knew that I could find it. While looking around I thought that I heard someone talking in Romanian. So, I paid more attention and after a few seconds, two people appeared. But these two persons were not ordinary, they were twins.

On our way to Alicante

My lovely twins!

I immediately smiled and asked them about their home town and that is how it all started. We`ve exchanged Facebook accounts and we still use our group of three to talk and send all of our crazy photos.

They were Erasmus students and came for 6 months to study photography in Spain. I love being photographed so what a great chance encounter for me! Amazing!

I definitely annoyed them with all those stereotypical questions you always ask twins about. Have you experienced telepathy? Do you like the same things? Do you wear the same clothes? Who’s older? How can people distinguish between the two of you? Have you ever switched roles? And the list could continue endlessly. But after some time, I started to actually differentiate between them very well and realised how different they were. One was delicate, fragile and more sensitive, but with a strong personality. The other one looked more confident and cheerful, less vulnerable, but still gentle. Great human beings from whom I’ve learnt a lot.

Monteagudo trip

We went travelling, hiking, partying, they always had great energy so we spent a really good time together. Even celebrated our birthdays here in Spain. Who was searching for a club to dance on a Monday evening? Well, we were, haha.

Messiah Concert

Sharing the same `let`s save money` attitude, it was so funny that several times we chose to walk instead of taking the bus (small distances, no more than 10 km, haha).

My favourite trip was to Calpe. We took the magical tram from Alicante and spent almost 2 hours admiring the beaches and the mountains from the surrounding areas. Finally, we arrived at our destination and after a quick visit to the centre, we headed to the beach for a photoshoot with the famous Calpe rock known as ‘Peñon d'Ifach’. Back then I didn’t know that you can get to the top, but it`s good to know for my next trip.

Another crazy trip we went on was to Fuente Caputa. One day, they sent me a photo of this place and during the following weekend, we were at the bus station waiting for the departure to Mula. Of course, we didn`t check where Fuente Caputa was, how many kilometres we had to walk to get there from the bus stop. So, that was us, 4 crazy people (we convinced a guy to join us), realising that we had to walk for 15 km (both ways). We were encouraging each other and started the route having one thought: to reach our goal => Fuente Caputa.

On our way to Fuente Caputa

Fuente Caputa

We wanted a photo at the tiny waterfall and nothing more. Usually, people go there to have a bath, but January isn`t the best month to do so. The greatest part was when one of us would lose the motivation to continue - especially on our way back - and there was always someone cheering up the entire group.

On their last weekend in Spain, we made a tasty cheesecake in order to celebrate all of the wonderful moments we spent together. Even though I miss them, I know that we will meet again in Romania. What a small world!

Our cheesecake

Stay safe, my twins!

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