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Why volleyball? How does it make you feel?

Volleyball....what an amazing sport! I still remember the first time when I played it.

I've always been more into basketball, so choosing volleyball hasn't been my first option in school. Still, the summer of 2016 changed everything. It was the first time when I played beach volleyball, and I loved it! From that moment, I took advantage of every opportunity of playing volleyball. I was thinking about the feeling related to this sport. How did volleyball make me feel back then? And how does it make me feel nowadays? Therefore, I wanted to ask more people about their connection with volleyball. I wanted to know how does this sport make them feel? Since my volunteering experience takes place in Spain, I have decided to make this activity only for Spanish speakers.

Everything started with a form called ''¿Por qué voleibol? ¿Cómo te hace sentir?''. I have shared it for three days to Volleyball Facebook groups, and in the end, I have received 33 responses. People from Spain, Colombia, Peru, Nicaragua, Mexico, Bolivia and Venezuela expressed their excitement and joy regarding volleyball. Their responses were so beautiful and emotional. I had a great time editing the video and reading their thoughts.

Many of them have associated this sport with a feeling of freedom. Volleyball is about personal improvement, and I am happy to see that people notice this and not only.

Here you can watch the video which promotes playing volleyball!



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