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April has always been dear to me not only for being the spring season, but also for the celebration of Yellow Shirts, my support organisation in this project. Every 22nd of April for us became smoothly and with no protests at all, the pancake day.

This year though was different from many points of view. Not only we were stuck at home and we had to find different ways to celebrate it, but it was our 10th year anniversary. Getting bigger and bigger, aren’t we?

We planned a variety of activities for the others until our plans and desires needed a bit of adjustment. Even so, we found quite fast the way to do things around and turn them into our advantage. Why let world pandemics ruin it, right?

It was a journey of 10 years summed up in 1 month. It was challenging to look for all the information but also rewarding to get in contact with so many people, to bring back coloured memories and relieve for a moment the adventures we had.

I’m going to leave the materials speak for themselves as I’m already busy doing greater Yellow things :)

Be daring, be Yellow Shirts!

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