Sport component


  • promote education in and through sport with special focus on skills development


  • create supportive materials that will further assist individuals and bodies interested in volleyball by increasing the knowledge and promotion of volleyball mainly in Romania, Spain, Italy and N. Macedonia, but also at the international level


O1. To create and spread throughout a 2-year time frame 1 volleyball handbook that would support at least 4.000 users in learning the basics of this sport.

O2. To create and spread throughout a 2-year time frame 1 volleyball video guide that would support at least 4.000 users in learning the basics of this sport

O3. To create and spread throughout a 2-year time frame 1 guide about marketing strategy and ways of promotion sport clubs that would support at least 4.000 users in learning the basics of promoting sports


A1. Project management

A2. Meeting 1 – Baia Mare, Romania

A3. Organising and/or participating in different volleyball events

A4. Meeting 2 – Skopje, N. Macedonia

A5. Evaluation 1

A6. Volleyball handbook, volleyball video guide, marketing handbook

A7. Evaluation 2

A8. Meeting 3 – Murcia, Spain

A9. Promotion of the intellectual outputs

A10. Evaluation 3

A11. Impact measurement

A12. Meeting 4 – Baia Mare, Romania

A13. Evaluation 4

Expected impact

  • exchanging of information, knowledge and best practice example in terms of the project purpose

  • involving as many members of the partners in the project, outside the project team

  • become examples of good practices for other organisations or other sport clubs of the same or different branches

  • become a reference and an example in specific sport guides writing

  • usage of our materials for a period of at least 5 years after the project would have finished

  • reaching through the products individuals practising volleyball as amateurs or even professionals or interested in this sport on the one hand and third parties such as other national and international volleyball federations, professional and amateur volleyball clubs, physical education teachers from schools, high schools and universities from the local, regional and/or European level on the other hand


Sustainability and Open Licences

  • freely available and easy to access materials that are to be created during this project

  • materials distributed to volleyball clubs and schools

  • materials available in various languages


Yellow Shirts

Baia Mare, Romania

Yellow Shirts Association was established in 2010 from the will to sustain and help the young people to integrate in the community. Today, the organisation is led by young people as professional youth workers, which develop personalized activities for the beneficiaries, with the aim to help them develop in personal and professional terms. We propose activities with various profiles to offer the context to young people to discover new cultures or ways to spend the free time in an enjoyable, yet useful way in different educational environments.

Stiinta Explorari.png

​CS Știința Baia Mare is a sportive club that has branches such as athletics, box, orienteering, rugby, handball, notation and modern pentathlon, taekwondo ITF and volleyball.

The branch for volleyball, ‘Știința Explorări’ has started in 1947 when the volleyball activity starts in Baia Mare with the first city championship.

Despite changing its name several times, the volleyball team manages to win numerous competitions and the internal championship several time, having as well important results at the international level.

CS Ştiința Explorări

Baia Mare, Romania

Marketing Gate

Skopje, N. Macedonia

​Association for research, education and development “Marketing Gate” is a non-profit, non-governmental organization, founded on July 2, 2008. Our founders and members are pupils, students, proeminent businessmen, university and high schools professors.

Our vision is a world without economic borders, where the human rights will be protected and any kind of discrimination will be eliminated.

Our organization’s goals are: promoting friendship among youngsters and cross-border communications, providing knowledge for students and marginalized groups through non-formal education and connecting young people without reference to their nationality, religion, political, economic or social status.


Murcia, Spain

Universidad Catolica San Antonio de Murcia or UCAM is a private foundation in which higher education is offered, researchers are trained and professionals are prepared by means of the generation and transmission of science, technology and culture.

UCAM offers among others, studies at the Faculty of Science and Health with the grade in Physiotherapy, Faculty of Sports with the grade in Physical Activities and Sports.

UCAM has three own teams (UCAM Murcia Club de Baloncesto - basketball, UCAM Murcia Club de Fútbol - football and UCAM Cartagena Tenis de Mesa – table tennis) and sponsors other 18 teams in several sport (table tennis, judo, basketball, volleyball, football, rowing, athletics, handball, swimming, indoor football).



Palermo, Italy

​The Association Giosef - Youth Without Borders, was born in April 1998 to promote active European citizenship and youth mobility. It is engaged in the inclusion and participation of youth in all its forms and at all levels; It aims to create new spaces for youth participation in public life, so that young people themselves are able to provide answers to the needs of new generations; we support the construction of a Europe of solidarity and hospitality, founded on the ideals of democracy, peace, tolerance and acceptance of diversity; It promotes paths of non-formal education and job training in intercultural perspective. These objectives are pursued through the development of intercultural exchanges of young people, voluntary services, seminars, training courses, work placements, actions of active citizenship, twinning between cities, conferences, research and publications, fields of solidarity, cooperation projects and development.