Promoting volleyball

Volleyball is not rocket science. We are!

"Volleyball is not rocket science. We are!", shortly named "Volleyball Science", is an initiative of Yellow Shirts Association to promote sports, volleyball in particular, at the grassroots level. The initiative is supported by local and international partners.


The programme has 2 components:

  • sport (Erasmus+)

  • volunteering (European Solidarity Corps)

The project in numbers

1 volleyball manual

1 volleyball video channel

1 marketing strategies for sport clubs

4 national partners

7 international partners

10 languages used

6 volunteers

58 volunteering months

> 150 local activities

> 2.500 direct beneficiaries

> 5.000 indirect beneficiaries

> 10.000 video views

Project's duration


January 2019 - December 2020


February 2019 - January 2021

Sport component

The main aim is to create supportive materials that will assist individuals and bodies interested in volleyball. We hope to increase the knowledge and promotion of volleyball mainly in Romania, Spain, Italy and N. Macedonia, as well as in other non-partner countries.

Volunteering component

The main aim to offer the hosting communities different sport events and activities they can join in order to promote the social inclusion of their members, to encourage young people to practice sports and to support the local sport clubs.

On the other hand, the project wants to offer to the involved international volunteers the context to develop certain competences and gain experience that will further support and help them with the integration on the labour market.